Florida Hospital acquires Florida Heart Group

January 9, 2013 by  

On January 1, the Florida Heart Group of Orlando, Florida became part of the services that are offered at Florida Hospital. It is most likely that the 19 cardiologists and 125 staff members of the Florida Heart Group are using business card printing to change the contact and other information on their business cards.

According to the President of Florida Hospital, Lars Houmann, this acquisition was part of an overall strategy that the hospital is now pursuing and will be looking to acquire more such practices in the future. This acquisition enables groups to become part of a network as well as enable the hospital to have the physicians to take better advantage of all the equipment and apparatus the hospital has to offer.

There have been some concerns raised by healthcare observers that such acquisitions could incur higher costs for patients and lost tax revenues for the city. Tommy Thomas, an accountant from Winter Park, said that the latter happens when for–profit groups, such as the Florida Heart Group, go to non-profit status as part of the hospital and so will no longer be paying taxes on its profits.

Houmann countered that the erosion of the tax base is not really an issue as the hospital will be able to make a larger contribution to the community with such additional services. He added that the hospital would not be adding a facility fee, as many other hospitals do when acquiring such practices.

This acquisition will increase the number of doctors at the Florida Hospital Medical Group to 334 in over 100 locations.