Brokers find iPad app most effective for marketing

March 26, 2012 by  

At the 2012 Leading Real Estate Companies of World Conference that began on March 22 in Orlando, Florida, Imprev, a leading real estate and marketing technology company, released a survey revealing that the

most preferred marketing tool

of 75% of the real estate professionals in attendance was an iPad Presentation App. Imprev is hopefully using printing services as well as technological means to make the public aware of this preference so that the public will know where to look in the future for information on available properties in their area.

According to CEO and Founder of Imprev, Renwick Congdon, this survey shows that real estate agents are extremely interested in iPad apps. This has been confirmed by his company’s own research that has shown that the designs of iPad applications it offers real estate brokerage firms are very popular, making the iPad a pervasive productivity and marketing tool for the industry.

Currently, the favorite technology of agents and brokers is the Smartphone, followed by the iPad, then laptops, notebooks, and netbooks, and finally desktop computers. Congdon pointed out that this shows a trend in mobile marketing which has played an important role in changing how the business of the real estate industry is conducted.

Compared to 10 years ago when newspaper display ads and postcards and flyers were the most effective marketing products, agents rank email and web sites as the primary marketing tools they use today. Only 12% of agents now use newspaper display ads, primarily at the request of the seller, and less than 10% use magazine display ads and classified ads in the newspaper.