BESI schedules its October conference

July 30, 2013 by  

The Building Envelope Science Institute (BESI) recently announced that it will be holding building envelope training and certification courses at the Hilton Orlando Airport from October 20-23 of this year. No doubt flyer printing is being used by the Institute to make those who are interested in these comprehensive courses eager to attend them, hoping to become experts in building envelope technology and to rise to the top of the construction industry.

The training consists of two courses, the first of which – the Building Envelope Trained course – is geared towards manufacturers, property owners, distributors, and realtors who want to better understand how the components of a building envelope come together to become one single cohesive unit.

The second course is called the Building Envelope Inspector and and is for construction industry professionals, such as engineers, architects, projects managers, and inspectors. It focuses on the building envelope, restoration techniques, inspection methods and techniques, and many other topics designed to help these professionals improve their skills.

The BESI is an organization dedicated to helping the construction industry to develop and implement educational resources and various programs, seminars, and courses that cover state-of-the-art concepts, building maintenance solutions, construction, restoration, and remediation. In addition to the core educational activities, the BESI enables members to have access to the latest expert knowledge and advice on various topics related to the construction industry, and to be able to share this industry specific knowledge with other members of the organization.