App discovery platform introduced by My Apps

February 8, 2013 by  

My Apps Co, headquartered in Orlando, Florida, will be at this week’s Apps World North America Conference announcing a new platform through which those who develop and own applications for mobile devices can promote and sell their applications.

According to Shane McGonnell, the CEO of My Apps, the market for downloaded apps for mobile devices is expected to reach 81 billion downloads this year and the company saw this as an opportunity to step in and help those who own and develop applications.

Co-Founder and CSO of My Apps, Jason Wyatt, added that the Apps World Conference is an excellent place for helping the developer community, as more than 5,000 mobile industry professionals and application developers attend the conference every year.

Most likely flyer printing and poster printing will be used by the company as part of the conference to make those in attendance aware of their new platform. With apps being a fast-moving and rapidly-growing industry, it is important for those who develop them to move fast and get maximum exposure of their app.

The company has an e-store and, as part of the conference, is inviting those who develop and own apps for the Android mobile device to upload their apps to the My Apps Android platform. Registration is free and those developers who list more than one app with the company can have free access to Apportunity, which provides the ability for developers to increase their revenues by allowing them to sell books, music, games, movies, and smartphones.