Antarctica’s penguins come to SeaWorld Orlando

May 14, 2013 by  

In just a few days’ time, SeaWorld Orlando will be opening its new ‘Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin’ attraction.

The habitat for the 245 penguins will cover 6,125 square feet with a temperature of 30°C. What is most unusual about this exhibit is that, instead of the glass partition typically used to separate animals from guests, a rock wall two feet in height will be used instead.

The area will also include hand-blown icicles and 50-foot glaciers, as well as a high-tech ride, an underwater viewing area, and its own gift shop and restaurant. The theme park has never before seen undertakings of this scale in terms of expansion.

According to the senior director of attraction development and design at SeaWorld, Brian Morrow, SeaWorld has endeavored to replicate the vast world of Antarctica – a continent most people will never get to see in their lifetimes – to the minutest of details. A sophisticated system inside the area reduces the heat and humidity of Florida and creates a chilling climate more typical of Antarctica. The lighting system has also been orchestrated to that of the frozen continent, where the seasons are the opposite to those of Orlando. Penguins will be treated to almost 20 hours of light a day during the winter season in Orlando.

The new attraction opens May 24, and no doubt poster printing and flyer printing are being used by the theme park to let travelers and visitors know about it, so as to attract as many people as possible.