Ocoee emergency teams wear red to fight drunk driving

December 22, 2013 by  

To remind people not to drink and drive over the festive season, emergency personnel in Ocoee will be tying red ribbons to their vehicles this month. The ribbons will be on the vehicles driven by paramedics, police, and firefighters.

This year marks the third year in a row that the Ocoee Fire Department, Health Central Hospital, and the City of Winter Garden Fire Department have partnered with Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) of Central Florida.

Ambulances and fire trucks across the fleets will feature red ribbons. MADD will also be asking its members to tie a red ribbon to their cars this month, to remind themselves and others that under no circumstance should they get behind the wheel after drinking. The organization could also use techniques like flyer printing to spread the news of it campaign across Ocoee and the surrounding area.

Last year, nearly 700 people died as a result of drunk driving in Florida, according to Yolanda Larson, MADD Central Florida’s executive director. Most of the accidents occur during the winter holiday season. She pointed out that these statistics are completely preventable, as long as people plan ahead and are aware of the dangers of driving while intoxicated. Larson recommends finding a different way to get home before setting out to a party or event at which drinks are served.

It is to be hoped that the multitude of red ribbons in December will get people to think twice before they drink and drive.