Internships Benefit Students in Six-Week Program

April 30, 2012 by  

The City of North Miami Beach is in the process of receiving applications from students for a six-week summer internship program.

A program of the Youth Opportunity Board, the city gives students employment experience in a variety of city departments, affording them valuable opportunities to learn and to be mentored. The program also exposes them to a variety of professions they may not have considered just before they choose a college or university program.

Interns learn about skills for job interviews, etiquette in the work place and knowledge on how to dress professionally and adhere to dress code standards.

The City of North Miami Beach, through the Youth Opportunity Board, has made paid positions available to students every summer for 30 years according to Khalid Salahuddin, a program supervisor.

There are approximately 18 positions available and the city receives about 150 applications from eager students every summer. All applications are reviewed and students are interviewed in person by a department manager. Successful applicants are put in departments throughout the city, such as finance, human resources, the mayor’s office and even in the administrative offices of city council. Through positions in the public relations department, interns may learn the processes behind engaging print companies for flyer, brochure and stationery printing.

“It is one of the best internships out there for young folks. It not only provides a paycheck — it also provides some life skills.”

Salahuddin said.

In addition to the employment aspect of the program, student employees will take part in mandatory classes every week to learn conflict resolution and economic advice.