Electrolytic Technologies wins 2011 Miami Dade County Award

December 27, 2011 by  

Electrolytic Technologies, which is based in North Miami Beach, has won the 2011 Miami Dade County Award in the Municipal Water Treatment Equipment category. It is the third year in a row in which they have won the award. The award winners are selected by the U.S. Commerce Association. The company was sited for “exceptional marketing success in their local community” and outstanding business skills.

With so much concern about the environment today, companies that try to find safer ways of transporting chemicals are extremely important. While the aim is to completely wipe out all chemicals from our environment, this is not feasible. The best we can do is to make sure that those chemicals are kept out of our ground water and rivers through safety consciousness. Or we can harvest “cleaner” chemicals.

Chlorine is used in the manufacture of pulp and paper and Electrolytic Technologies Klorigen generators are recommended for pulp and paper manufacturers; “the generated bleach is chemically ultra pure, and at 10 – 12% concentration, unlike commercial bulk deliveries which have undergone constant degradation since their production date.” Printing companies, including those in North Miami Beach, are very sensitive to the paper they purchase these days. They try to only buy those papers that are manufactured cleanly and that will not harm the environment. The success of Electrolytic Technologies seems to indicate that environmentally sensitive technologies can be successful and that they will not be exceptionally expensive or will cause job losses.