US Print Companies show the way to South Africa

December 25, 2011 by  

South African printers have taken industry insights back to their country following the XMPie conference in Miami, Florida. According to the representatives from Remtata print companies in the future will have a competitive edge if they can handle the dynamic publication of communications via multiple channels. This will address the shrinking margins which many are feeling as a result of the investment needed to cope with increased demand for digital products. Annemarie Burger of Remtata says:

“Printed volumes are now shrinking in the digital era, the number of products printers must offer is growing and it can be extremely difficult for some printers to get the returns they need, particularly considering the high capital investment in equipment.”

Ms Burger adds that printing companies are well placed to benefit from their expertise in working with corporations and agencies, bridging the gap between them at a time when many companies are cutting their marketing budgets. She says that since print companies also have expertise in delivering across a range of media, and have good infrastructure, they can partner with companies to deliver products and services.

“With their investment in high capital infrastructure, they are ideally placed to deliver the technology foundation that underscores variable data, cross-media, analytics and portal services in a seamless package. While they can never replace agencies, they must become invaluable partners delivering a wider range of products and services,” adds Ms Burger.

She concludes that using XMPie has a number of benefits for cutting costs and allowing personalized messages for printing services of all types.