South Florida’s first coding school to be opened in Miami

March 31, 2014 by  

The first coding school in South Florida is scheduled to open in Miami in May of this year.

The LAB Miami is a Wynwood campus for creative entrepreneurs in which Wyncode, an immersion-style nine-week course in computer programming, will take place. At the end of this “boot camp”, students should be able to create their own web apps.

Other areas of the country that are highly involved in the tech or the start-up sector, such as Austin, Silicon Valley, and Seattle, have the benefit of code schools. This program is anticipated to be a solution to the comparative deficiency here.

The lead instructor for Wyncode is a well-known developer in South Florida, Ed Toro. During their nine-week training period, students will work on a variety of projects leading up to their final project; a web application of their own design and creation. Cost for the course will be $9,000, with the first 20 students that apply receiving a $1,000 credit.

Information meetings sponsored by Wyncode will be held on April 2 and April 16 at 7:00 pm at The LAB Miami. Spreading the word about this sort of meeting and operations like Wyncode are most efficiently accomplished by using a variety of promotional methods. Engaging a print company to supply banner or flyer printing services are two of them most efficient means.