Second annual Gran Fondo Giro steams into Miami

November 6, 2012 by  

Over 2,000 cyclists are expected to bike the course at the second annual Gran Fondo Giro in Miami this weekend, in one of the biggest cycling markets worldwide. The event is sponsored by RCS Sport, the same company that organizes the Giro d’Italia – the second largest bicycle race in the world. In North America, the Giro d’Italia, which was first raced in 1909, is rather overshadowed by the popular Tour de France.

The 100-mile course begins in downtown Coral Gables, then continues south into the Redlands and the perimeter of the Everglades, then back up north to Brickell. The last leg of the course loops back down south to finish at the Miami City Hall in Coconut Grove. Riders will travel through an exotic subtropical landscape and have views of the beautiful Biscayne Bay. Although Miami lacks the hills of Italy and France, the driving winter wind makes the ride challenging even for experienced riders.

Anyone can participate in the 100-mile, day-long event, which takes place this Sunday, November 11. Some well-known riders such as Mario Cipollini, aka Super Mario, will be there to attract riders and onlookers. No doubt the peloton at the front will carry the top riders in the country and around the world.

Flyer printing showing maps of the course would be a valuable marketing and information tool, allowing onlookers to camp out at their favorite spot to watch the event. Poster printing showing the route might also be seen in community centers, libraries, and sports complexes in the build-up to the event.