Road to Florida teaching certificate becoming steeper

February 16, 2014 by  

The state of Florida, in its continuing effort to improve education, has increased the passing scores on some teacher certification examinations for new teachers.

The subjects affected are English for Speakers of Other Languages, early childhood education, professional education, and math. The new passing scores will become effective in March 2014, teachers in Miami will no doubt be interested to hear.

The requirement to pass a certification exam has been in place since 1980 and the exams must be reviewed, by law, every five years. At present there are 275,000 teachers in Florida who hold professional certification. The last change in passing scores was in 2012, when required science exam results were raised. The agreement to raise the bar on Florida’s certification tests came about when the state applied for Race to the Top monies totaling $700m in 2010.

It is anticipated that thousands of individuals hoping to become teachers will need to take the $200 certification test more than once. Those who are unable to pass on their first try will nevertheless be able to be hired as “temporary” teachers. A three-year deadline for passing the exams exists for those who are temporarily hired due to lack of certification.

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