Print and paper still top for reading, says research

January 25, 2012 by  

There’s good news for printing companies in Miami and elsewhere – a new survey shows that most Americans still favor print and paper for reading over reading on a screen. The survey was commissioned by non-profit organization, Two Sides. Two Sides promotes sustainable use and production of paper and printed materials.

The research found that among Americans 70% prefer to read paper, including 69% of those aged 18-24. Some 68% also believe that storing records electronically is less sustainable than storing them on paper and 67% per cent prefer the feel of paper over other devices and media. However, the research also suggests that some Americans are not well informed about how using paper affects the environment. According to the survey many expressed concern about how paper and print production affect forests and think that paper manufacture is connected to the loss of rainforests. However, Two Sides points out that this isn’t true.

President Phil Riebel says: “Authoritative sources like the U.S. Forest Service, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization and others report that the amount of forestland in the United States has remained nearly the same over the last century at about 750 million acres, and the major cause of global deforestation is not papermaking, but the conversion of tropical rainforests to agricultural land.”

Many of the respondents thought that between 20-40% of paper is recycled in the US annually, while the true figure is more than 63%. Mr Riebel says that the paper industry is aiming to recycle more than 70% of paper by 2020.