One-hour holiday parking reprieve for Miami

December 23, 2012 by  

Thanks to the Miami Parking Authority, shoppers in Miami may experience a little less stress than usual this time round.

As of Monday, December 17, the two-week Authority’s ‘Holiday Parking Courtesy Citation’ program came into effect. While not quite an offer of free parking, it may still save those scurrying in search of the perfect gift a reprieve from a parking ticket.

While normally an expired parking meter results in a big fine for the car’s owner, from December 17 through January 2, an hour of grace will be awarded to errant car owners. The program, which is in effect 24 hours a day so as to benefits not just shoppers but holiday revilers as well, is good news for local shops, who may want to publicize it through banner printing.

Whereas normally a ticket would be issued, in its stead a courtesy citation will be left. The citation will explain that the driver has been given up to an hour of free parking beyond the expiration time. It may not be a get-out-of-jail-free card but, assuming the driver is watching his or her meter time and return within that golden hour, they will have been saved a considerable fine.

The time extension applies to drivers with a Pay & Display master meter, using a single-space meter, or who have purchased parking via Pay by Phone. According to the Miami Parking Authority, the program is its way of giving back by reducing stress for visitors and residents in the city.