New printing services research to be presented in Florida

February 17, 2012 by  

The results of research into the effect of electronic technologies on printing services are to be presented at a session at the Vision 3 Summit in Marco Island, Florida on February 22. Miami printing companies and others from around the nation will be interested in the findings, which have taken almost a year to produce. The study looks at the effect of these technologies in 12 varying applications in the printing industry, and finds that not all of them are experiencing the same effects. One of the reasons that electronic technologies have continued to experience growth, says the report, is the increase in cloud computing. The report estimates an investment in this type of technology of $20 billion during 2011, and this estimate is described as conservative. It’s worth noting that this is more than was spent on research and development worldwide in the printing supplies and equipment manufacture sector.

Brochure printers and stationery printers can breathe easy for a little longer, as the report says that newspapers are likely to be under threat from e-reader technology. That’s because readers like interactivity, the ability to post comments and could be swayed by a device which successfully combine screen resolution and size with battery life. The report also states that print continues to have advantages, especially where it is not necessary to have information available immediately. “One inherent advantage of print is that it is fixed and cannot be changed. This enables control over who has access to the content and this may ultimately be its major advantage,” says the report.