Miami’s Univision becomes mainstream

October 13, 2012 by  

Miami’s largest Hispanic television channel is branching out and hopes to become a voice of the new American reality. The president of Univision, Cesar Conde, said earlier this week that he believes that Univision is set to become the channel more and more Americans will watch. With the U.S. having over 50 million Hispanics in its population, a large percentage of whom are in southern Florida, Hispanics account for one out of every four births nationally.

To make the channel more mainstream, Univision has recently added a new English-language channel, its first broadcast venture in English. Univision hopes to attract Hispanics who either prefer to watch English-based programming or those who do not speak Spanish but will be attracted to programs with an Hispanic perspective.

The 24-hour channel will cost $275m to create and will result in 350 new jobs. If the hiring goals are met, Miami-Dade will subsidize the project with a $3.5m gift.

Advertising for the new channel could take the form of colorful and creative banner printing that shows the public the programming that they can expect to see. Banners could be displayed at Univision’s headquarters, along fences at construction sites, and at promotional events. Likewise, compelling poster printing could create a buzz for the new channel if displayed in public areas like parks, street corners, shopping centers, and transit terminals.

Univision hopes to have the new channel up and running by the fall of 2013. The venture is supported by Florida Governor Rick Scott, who lauded it as a new communication network that is well-suited to the character and culture of Miami.