Miami’s busy schedule could benefit Broward and Palm Beach Counties

December 17, 2012 by  

Worries that conflicting events could jeopardize South Florida’s hopes of hosting the 50th Super Bowl were downplayed at the beginning of December.

One possible 2016 Super Bowl date, during President’s Day weekend, could conflict with The Miami International Boat Show. Some observers have pointed out that even a city the size of Miami may not be able to handle two such large events.

The possibility of moving the Super Bowl to the third week in February offers the NFL a chance to expand the season to 18 games. Fans and businesses would benefit from such a move and, with Super Bowl Sunday on that weekend, the nation could enjoy an extra day off. As a national holiday, Monday would be an off-day for many workers, giving them a chance to recover and relieving employers of party weary workers.

The boat show, held on the same weekend since 1941, draws in an excess of 100,000 visitors – nearly half of whom come from outside the state. Another event, the smaller but still significant Coconut Grove Arts Festival, occurs at the same time as well. However, the South Florida Super Bowl Host Committee does not see a lack of hotel space as a problem, believing that Palm Beach and Broward counties can provide the extra rooms needed.

No doubt, hotels small and large all over South Florida will keep every printing company in the three-county area busy with brochure printing if the 2016 game is awarded to the city. During the 2010 Super Bowl, Broward County became the focal point for organization of activities and Broward pulled in 57.6 million in spending. That was more than the combined total for Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties.