Miami grows a better neighborhood

December 17, 2013 by  

A new source of fresh vegetables will be coming to Miami’s Liberty City. The fresh produce won’t be coming from an additional grocery store but instead from an abandoned lot northwest of Midtown. On Sunday, December 15, the nonprofit organization Health in the Hood enlarged its network of urban gardens to include the Liberty City location.

Every Sunday, volunteers will meet to tend the garden where kale, pole beans, okra, tomatoes, and collard greens will be grown. This garden will be the sixth for the group, and local residents have already had an opportunity to enjoy freshly grown produce from a nearby neighborhood garden. Health in the Hood not only brings access to freshly grown products to low-income South Florida neighborhoods, but also provides fitness programs.

Health in the Hood does so more than provide fresh free food when through neighborhood gardens, however – it also builds communities by giving people a common goal. It works with local schools to bring educational programs that promote healthy living, and also partners with neighborhood business and civic leaders to improvement the community by providing access to free fitness classes and mental health services.

The organization also brings the kind of hope for a better tomorrow that comes from browsing a seed company’s latest catalog printing piece, one day and later enjoying the end product of those carefully chosen seeds.

Health in the Hood is a Miami based nonprofit whose mission is, “…to provide health and wellness opportunities in under-served communities”.