Miami ballet festival not to be missed

August 19, 2012 by  

An event that could possibly be the most important presentation to see in Miami will be running mid-August through the middle of September.

Beginning ballet performers, as well as the most experienced dancers, will be showcased during the International Ballet Festival of Miami. Prestigious world-known ballet companies will be represented by their biggest and best stars during the event.

This will be an excellent opportunity for amateur dancers, local ballet students, and tourists to watch professionals and surely learn a few tips. This event is a global combination of contributing companies, with representatives coming from such nations as Italy, Switzerland, Argentina, Turkey, Portugal, Mexico, Israel, Brazil, the Dominican Republic, and the Czech Republic.

The International Ballet Festival is being promoted as the must-see presentation of the year in Miami. A Dance Film Series will be presented its opening day, in partnership with the Dance Film Association of New York at the Miami Hispanic Cultural Arts Center, located at 111 SW 5th Avenue. Festival Dance Workshops will also be offered during the festival.

Print companies are likely to have done flyer and poster printing for the promotion for the famous event. With all of the advertisements and promotions going on, this ballet spectacular has the potential to get even more global attention.

The International Ballet Festival of Miami will take place from August 24 through September 16, at various locations throughout the Miami-Dade County A full calendar of locations, contact details, and ticket information can be found on the International Ballet Festival website.