Keynote speaker for 2012 GOA revealed

February 17, 2012 by  

The keynote speaker for the Graphics of the Americas Expo and Conference (GOA) will be Christopher Smith, president of the American Graphics Institute. The address will explore the topic of what it means to be a modern publisher. Mr Smith is an expert in publishing technology and he will help those attending the Miami, Florida conference, understand the applications, tools and devices that printing companies need to be aware of. The keynote address will include an examination of some of the devices competing with print, such as ebook readers, tablet computers, smart phones and other electronic gadgets and devices.

The aim of the presentation, which will help brochure printers, stationery printers and all printing industry professionals, will be to help conference attendees understand the trends affecting publishing, graphics and media firms and leverage new technologies and tools to improve individual skills and business performance. It will also examine methods of publishing printed content on a variety of platforms including those provided by Microsoft, Google and Apple. Mr Smith created the Digital Classroom series and was able to make it available in the iBooks Store, as well as for the Kindle, Nook and other ebook readers.

Printing Association of Florida president George Ryan, says: “We are very pleased that AGI’s Chris Smith will be presenting this year’s keynote. His role as president of the American Graphics Institute, coupled with his experience supervising the Digital Classroom series, and leadership in other strategic areas; makes his counsel a tremendous asset in our industry.”