Jackson Health System wins at polls

November 7, 2013 by  

The months of campaigning are over and Miami residents, as well as the rest of the Miami-Dade electorate, have approved a referendum in favor of providing additional funding for the Jackson Health System. It is anticipated that the rise in property taxes will provide $830m to the Jackson System and enable it to compete with private and not-for-profit hospitals in South Florida.

The win allows the county’s aging public hospital system to remain vital in the face of declining federal and state reimbursements and the increasing number of residents without health insurance. The victory will allow the Jackson Health System to complete its financial turnaround, after it came close to bankruptcy two years ago, according to the Miami Herald. It is anticipated that the additional monies will provide equipment upgrades, renovations, and construction that will in turn attract more insured patients.

An increase in insured clientele will assist in providing care for the uninsured and indigent. The passage of the Jackson bond referendum is hoped to increase the livability of Miami and the surrounding area, as well as bolstering the economic stability. A stable, functioning public health care system is often an item included in promotion materials ordered from a printing company by a city, county, or state looking to promote itself.

The county paid around $2m to put the Jackson bond referendum on the ballot. Most of that money was collected in donations by the political action committee, Citizens for a Healthy Miami-Dade.