Goodyear blimp being put out to pasture

October 14, 2013 by  

Like many residents of Ohio before it, the ‘Spirit of Goodyear’ is heading toward Miami and retirement. The blimp, having reached the ripe old age of 13, left its home in Akron, Ohio on October 11 and is heading to Goodyear’s Pompano Beach airship base to spend its last days before being decommissioned in the spring of next year.

Another blimp, The Spirit of Innovation, already had Pompano Beach as its home base. Goodyear currently has three airships in service in the U.S. In addition to the Spirit of Goodyear and the ship based in Pompano Beach, there is also one based in Carson, California.

Starting next year with the Spirit of Goodyear, the current airships will be replaced one by one with new start-of-the-art Goodyear NT (New Technology) blimps. The first one of these is being constructed in Akron.

The Spirit of Goodyear made its last departure from the Akron airbase on October 11 and headed toward State College, Pennsylvania. Having covered the Penn State-Michigan football game, the blimp is now set to work its way to south Florida.

The Goodyear blimps are used to provide a birds-eye view of sporting events and serve as giant posters in the sky streaming brightly lit messages along its length. While hiring a blimp to deliver a message might not be within the budget of all companies, local merchants that provide products and services for game attendees often rely on companies that carry out poster printing to provide them with advertising help.