Giant birthday party part of war on homelessness

June 21, 2013 by  

While there may be some who don’t realise the extent of homelessness in Miami and the effect it has on people, there are still many who do. The employees and volunteers of the Miami Rescue Mission not only don’t look away, but instead seek out the homeless. Their mission is to provide food, shelter, and assistance to help homeless people across Miami with the aim of aiding them in re-joining society.

It isn’t all about the necessities; the folks at the Mission also work to lift the spirits of the homeless because without hope, nothing is possible. For instance, the Miami Rescue Mission – in conjunction with the Broward Outreach Center – planned three mass birthday parties. The parties – featuring cupcakes, ice cream, live music, balloons, and other decorations – provided each attendee with a birthday card; the first one many of them had received in years. Meals were donated by Chick-Fillet.

Events like this – as well as the Thanksgiving in March event – present an opportunity to introduce the homeless to a variety of public and private services designed to get them on their feet and off the street. Among the foremost difficulties that arise in helping the homeless is earning their trust, and finding a way to let them know about upcoming events and programs they can utilize.

Many people who are eligible for services that can benefit them are unaware of what is available. Without the help of a print company to provide posters, flyers, and banner printing, it would be extremely difficult for many social agencies to communicate with their clients.