Florida population poised to overtake New York

January 8, 2014 by  

Miami Floridians who think there are encountering more newcomers than ever may very well be justified in this conclusion, due to the state’s soaring population.

In fact, some experts predicted that Florida would nudge New York out of third place in the state population ranking last year. While the Sunshine State was unable to slip ahead of the New York state in 2013 the population gap between the two shrank to 100,000. The year before the difference was 250,000.

Stan Smith from the University of Florida’s Bureau of Economic and Business Research (BEBR) said:

“After many years of higher growth, Florida is now poised to overtake New York within the next couple of years.”

According to Smith, Florida’s population has been growing while New York’s has been shrinking for several years. Despite gains in New York City and its nearby suburbs, upstate cities such as Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse have been steadily declining due to the loss of manufacturing jobs.

Meanwhile Florida has seen a sharp increase in real estate, construction, tourism, finance and medicine. Perhaps even more importantly, Florida has seen a surge in migration both from abroad and from within the United States. People come to Florida for a variety of reasons including the search for employment, retirees from the north fleeing the cold weather and the state’s lack of a state sales tax.

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