Firm fights off print industry challenges

February 6, 2012 by  

There’s inspiration for Miami brochure printers and stationery printers in the example of hamilton Graphics Printing. The firm has survived despite a challenging and ever-changing printing services market. The firm’s Ron Sobran points out that the challenges include the increased competition and the need to work faster, less expensively and better.

Another challenge comes in the digital business cards and postcard printing arena, where those smaller jobs are facing stiff competition from internet printers who are able to drive the cost down by amalgamating a group of jobs. He comments:

“It just seems like people are cutting back more and there’s so much capacity out there with other printers that they’re just cutting each other’s throats for what work is available right now.”

However, the company has managed to remain competitive by shifting focus to new technology. Hamilton offers quick print digital services as well as wide format printing and it also has in-house capability to create folders and irregular shaped items. The company says its 1998 investment in a $60,000 digital press has paid off, bringing in double that in average annual income. It now works with a wide range of non-profit and business clients.

Mr Sobran credits the loyalty of his employees despite layoffs, pay cuts and a general downturn with helping the firm reach its 10th anniversary. He adds: “We could cut back and gear down and that’s kept us going. You work with somebody for 10 years, they’re more friends than just employees. They’re family.”