County water not quite top of the pile, but still flowing nicely

July 16, 2013 by  

On July 9, Mayor Carlos Gimenez’s proposed budget for Miami-Dade County included a document entitled ‘budget-in-brief’, which touted the county’s water as the “the nation’s highest-rated tap water.” This claim has been laid to rest, however, thanks to PolitiFact Florida‘s Truth-O-Meter.

This praise for the local water came from the local Office of Management and Budget, which wrote the budget-in brief and was the latest in a series of claims concerning the excellence of Miami-Dade water. The county made claims via radio ads in 2008 that its water was superior to bottled water. Several brands of bottled water threatened to file suit, although they did not follow through. A number of other promotional activities to promote the county’s water followed.

The latest claim to fame for the county’s water has been retracted by Jennifer L. Messemer, the Miami-Dade water and sewer department’s spokeswoman, who described the misreported fact as a “scrivener’s error”. Further explanation came from Jennifer Moon, budget director. According to her the budget-in-brief receives input from several departments and the words “one of” were left out. The statement concerning the county’s water should have pointed out that it was among the highest-rated, rather that the single highest-rated, water.

Even if the water here is not the absolute best, it is still very good. It is therefore possible that Miami-Dade will consider contacting the stationery printer for the county and include that information on all the county’s letterheads.