Celebrate Independence Day with pool party

June 15, 2012 by  

When summer sets in, with its broiling temperatures, students who are finally able to take a break from the tedium of their day-to-day study regime surprisingly, yet quickly, become restless at home and the local pool then becomes their new social gathering point.

At the pool in the summer, one can find a retreat from the heat as well as a stage perfectly set for socializing. It would appear that the motto of most adventure-seeking pool bashers is “the larger the gathering, the greater the adventure.” There is one day in the summer that stands out from the rest, however, and it is on this day that many choose to celebrate at beaches and pools across the nation. That day is Independence Day.

This July 4, the Surfcomber Hotel pool in Miami will be the site of the 8th annual indepenDANCE Pool Party. This event, which began several years ago, started out as a small poolside gathering, but it has continued escalating into what is now known as the highlight of the summer season in Miami. Today the event actually receives global attention with dance music artists from around the world performing at the poolside. As flyer printing, word of mouth, and other forms of advertisement persist, nobody knows just how much bigger this event will get.

This event is a part of the Go Big Pool Parties series that runs during the July 4 weekend and during the Winter Music Conference. Some of the world’s best DJs have been featured in the past, which categorizes the event as a “must-see” party.