Bimini sailing date still up in the air

July 4, 2013 by  

Due to a failed inspection by the U.S. Coast Guard, the latest attraction to Port Miami is still in dock.

The Bimini SuperFast was scheduled to make its maiden voyage on Friday, June 28 but the much awaited boat and cruise ferry sits devoid of passengers. The press release on July 3 addressed several issues but did not give a date on which the ship will be able to sail.

A U.S. Coast Guard inspection team returned yesterday to check on improvements and changes necessary for the 32,000-ton ship to pass its safety inspection. An inspection division chief for the Guard, Janet Espino-Young, did say that the ship’s clearance for sailing would not be issued by the end of the day, despite the inspection continuing throughout the afternoon.

Quoted in the press release were the port director, a representative of Resorts World Bimini (the ship’s destination), and Miami-Dade commissioners. All concerned spoke glowingly about the role the Bimini SuperFast would play at Port Miami; however, what no one could say was when that role would commence. Printing companies will no doubt be on standby waiting for word of when the ship will be cleared to sale.

A Malaysian company named Genting owns Resorts World Bimini as well as the Bimini SuperFast.It has promised up to $11m to Terminal H, which is seldom used due to its small size. Once it is allowed to set sail, the Bimini SuperFast will sail twice daily for Bimini.