Another big squeezer found near Miami

February 25, 2014 by  

Miami residents venturing into the Everglades can only hope they do not run into a monster snake like the one python control agent Bobby Hill found earlier this month.

Hill retrieved a possible record-breaking Burmese python on February 4. The snake was found around five miles from the Tamiami Trail on the L-28.

This latest snake was the second one this year to be more than 18 feet long. The official length will be determined by the University of Florida where the snake carcass was sent. The Burmese python was introduced to the Florida Everglades by owners abandoning their pet snakes there. The university is trying to stem the adverse effects the snakes present.

Brochure and poster printing are often utilized to warn residents about introducing invasive species, both animal and plant, to ecosystems. Necropsies show these pythons to have a wide menu of animals they will feed upon, and it is believed they have been a particular danger to the small mammal population in the area.

The largest Burmese python to date was found and killed last May; it was a female, 18 feet, 8 inches and weighing 128 pounds. Previously, the record holder was another female of 17 foot, 7-inch weighing 164 pounds and carrying 87 eggs. In their native habitat, these snakes reach lengths of 20 feet.