Lutz resident brings novel kitchen tool to the market

May 31, 2016 by  

Lutz resident Catherine Tucker has recently begun selling her new kitchen gadget.

It is a tool designed to provide a presentation for dates and other appetizers and a better surface for cooking. According to Tucker, the Hot Date Tree arose from a need to display her dates wrapped in bacon using a better system than a platter.

The kitchen tool is a stainless steel cone with small holes in it. The holes can be used for anything that can be put on a toothpick. The items can be cooked on the Hot Date Tree and then served either hot or cot using the gadget.

According to Tucker, she wanted the tool to have multiple uses so it can also be used as a vertical chicken roaster, so that the fat and grease which typically accumulates in a pan can be kept away from the meat, or as a suspension steamer to cook vegetables or shrimp on a skewer.

Tucker wanted the device to be something that would please the culinary people she has met over the years, including Julia Child, Wolfgang Puck and Emeril Lagasse and her cooking idol, Alton Brown.

Now Tucker may turn to various marketing services to help promote her Hot Date Tree and spread the word to other foodies about its multiple uses and applications in the kitchen.