Walmart grocery store coming to San Ramon

February 6, 2012 by  

Walmart, the superstore giant, is planning to build one its Neighborhood Markets in the Country Club Village Shopping Center in South San Ramon, Florida which is near Largo, Florida. The company is using printing services to print information for construction companies that are interested in bidding on the project. Walmart is expecting the bidding process to be closed by February 23 with an opening of the store by December, according to the San Ramon economic development director, Marc Fontes.

Walmart Neighborhood Markets are grocery stores that are full-service and sell the same products that are found in regular grocery stores. There are 167 Walmart Neighborhood Markets across the country. The one in San Ramon will occupy a 55,000 square-foot vacant space that exists in the Country Club Shopping Center.

The Walmart Neighborhood Market would also be an anchor store for the shopping center for which the city has not been able to obtain an anchor tenant for many years. The space was the home for Ralph’s grocery store, which was closed by Kroger, its parent company, when it decided that all its Northern California locations would be closed. Then an independent Asian grocery occupied the space for a short time until it closed two years ago. According to the city’s press release on the project, there has been no interest from other grocery store chains or markets and the area has been without a grocery store that is local to the community for several years. All city requirements would have to be met by the Walmart market as well as the rules and regulations of the shopping center, which means no parking overnight and cleaning up all its trash.