Things to hot up in Largo next month

August 18, 2017 by  

The 17th annual ‘I Like it Hot!’ Festival is taking place for two days next month in Largo. It is the largest gourmet hot sauce festival in the state of Florida.

The festival is a salute to the spicy sauces that people love to spread on their burgers, hot dogs, or tacos. There will be a number of food vendors on hand who will be selling items such as hot sauce, barbecue sauce, pepper jellies and plants, and spicy rubs. The public will get to vote for their favorite vendor. Spaces of 10 x 10-feet are still available to vendors at a cost of $175 for the weekend.

There will be several competitions throughout the festival, such as jalapeno and pepper eating contests and a spicy lolly lick-a-thon. Guests can also sign up for the amateur hot sauce competition in each person must provide a 16-ounce sample of their sauce, which must be completely made from scratch. There is also an amateur salsa competition. Winners of both will receive trophies.

Other activities will include a hula hoop contest and lessons in how to crack a whip. No doubt flyers will be distributed all over Largo to advertise this popular festival and all it offers.

The event will be held at Minnreg Hall from September 9 to 10. To find out more, or to become a vendor, call 727-423-8433.