Renovations planned for West Florida Dance Center

April 11, 2013 by  

Tara DiSalvo, the owner of the West Florida Dance Center in Largo, recently announced that she is planning to remodel and renovate the interior of her studio by adding a new dressing room and a boutique and more additional space for parents to watch their children dance.

She is also thinking about expanding her entire studio in the near future to a vacant space that is adjacent to it. No doubt poster printing and flyer printing are being used so as to increase her exposure and let potential customers become aware of the new services these renovations can provide.

DiSalvo has been involved in the business of dance for 20 years. She originally owned a California studio, after which she opened one in Dunedin, relocated to Belleair about two years ago, and then moved to Largo last fall because she felt her studio would attract more traffic.

According to DiSalvio, one of her dance teams is ranked number one in the country and other age groups and styles of dancing have received many awards and trophies. The move to Largo was, to her, a reflection of the status of the studio and has enabled her to double enrollment figures.

However, DiSalvio points out that being big or being the best is not what her studio is about. The emphasis is that the dancers have the experience of being part of something special. The atmosphere in the studio is a friendly and supportive one, where everyone is part of an extended family.