Largo to be new home to Organic Living Center

July 23, 2013 by  

Jai Hambly, owner of the Organic Living Center, recently announced that she is moving from Dunedin to Largo within the next month. No doubt she is using flyer printing and poster printing to let her current customers know of the move so they can continue to purchase her variety of organic plants, trees, and special mineral mixes for the soil.

Hambly was educated as a landscape architect and has become a devoted gardener over the years. She started the Organic Living Center last year as a way to combine her landscaping education with her organic gardening experience.

In addition to selling organic plants and soils, she held weekend classes on soil preparation, composting, and tea-making. Originally, 12 to 15 people would attend her workshops, but they grew in popularity so that often as many as 35 people would attend. There could easily be 100 people at her open houses, Hambly said.

She decided her move her business when the lack of parking and various code violation issues disrupted her business. Working with the growing economic development department in Largo, Hambly was able to find a bright red house from the 1930s that seemed a perfect fit for her business.

Part of her plans for the new location include a garden in the front yard of completely edible produce. There are also six rooms that she can use for workshops and offices, as well as a barn in the back for storage and potential expansion.