Largo police provide free bike lights

October 16, 2012 by  

The Police Department of Largo, Florida has recently received from the Florida Department of Transportation more than 1,000 packages of bicycle lights that include an LED taillight and headlight which are both mountable to a bicycle, making it able to be given away free to the public.

The Police Department is most likely using flyer printing and poster printing to make bicyclists aware of the department’s efforts and make it safer for them to ride their bicycles in the city’s streets.

The Traffic Safety Unit of the Largo Police Department is now stopping bicyclists who are operating bicycles without lights on them. The Traffic Safety Officers first issue a warning to bicyclists and then take the time to install the new lights on the bicycles before they let the riders continue on their rides.

Bicyclists can also pick up lights at the front desk of the Police Department in Largo if they do not already have them on their bikes. According to a news release, however, the intentions of the program are to install the lights on the bikes rather than just making them available at no cost.

Providing lights for bicyclists is part of the Bicycle Safety Campaign of the police department. It began over the summer with the application of about 70 orange and white window decals displaying the message ‘Share the road, it’s the law’ to its marked squad cars to make motorists aware of the law that they must allow three feet for bicyclists to travel and pass on roadways.