Great American Beach Clean-up held near Largo

March 23, 2014 by  

Last weekend, the Great American Beach Clean-up event took place at Indian Rocks Beach, just a few miles from Largo.

No doubt the organizer of the event, Randy Schwab, used poster printing and other printing services to attract the large crowd that turned up for the event. Many were from local schools that came out to help clean up the beach.

According to Tara Croft, president of the Parent-Teacher Organization at the Plato Academy in Seminole, the event is about more than just cleaning up the beach. She said the kids learn about safety, being a good citizen, and the importance of community work. There were 25 parents and their children from the school at the clean-up.

In addition to picking up the usual trash like discarded plastic bags, paper towels, and cigarette butts, some unusual items were found as well. Two girls found a wiffle ball and a bat, some bottles, and a pair of cutoff jeans. One of the girls, Katie Murray, commented that it is an event that brings the community together and provides some good exercise.

As part of the clean-up this year, Georgia State University School of Art and Design and the University of South Florida will be going through the trash collected and picking out marine-related items that can be turned into sculptures.