CNN names Florida Keys coral expert as CNN Hero

March 13, 2012 by  

On Friday, March 9, CNN named Ken Nedimyer, a coral restoration expert in the Florida Keys and founder and president of the Coral Restoration Foundation in Key Largo, a CNN Hero for his efforts in developing techniques that preserve coral reefs. Nedimyer no doubt has been using printing services to generate public support to attract vacationers to the area who are environmentally conscious, another effort of his responsible for achieving the award.

CNN Heroes are people from everyday walks of life, who contribute to changes in the world by endeavoring to protect the environment, dedicating their lives by giving back to their community, and helping people to solve problems in a unique way or overcome obstacles in their lives.

According to Shimrit Sheetrit, a spokesperson for CNN, each year there are more than 10,000 nominations from 100 countries across the world, with 25 to 30 being profiled, from which the top 10 are chosen. These finalists receive a $50,000 grant and are then voted on by fans from around the world. The winner is named Hero of the Year and receives an additional $250,000 grant.

After learning of the honor, Nedimyer said that he was very excited and that this honor represents a major endorsement for him and the work of his foundation. Nedimyer, who started his coral restoration research around 10 years ago, and his small team of marine scientists at the Foundation are primarily involved in restoring, cultivating and planting elkhorn and staghorn corals in efforts designed to reverse their status as endangered species.