4-H club cleans up pond in Largo

November 25, 2012 by  

A recent morning of park cleaning took place after Dylan Bonneface, a student in the eighth grade from Largo, Florida, approached the Parks Department in the City to request the undertaking of a cleanup project of the Bayhead Pond Park as a part of a 4-H Club project for the Largo Middle School.

The Superintendent of the Parks, Greg Brown, thought that cleaning up the area was a good idea and may have used flyer printing and poster printing to make those in the nearby community realize how much trash and other items can pollute the waters.

Kathy Madzimbamuto, advisor of the 4-H Club for the Largo Middle School, recently lead a group of students from the club during one morning for the purpose of picking up trash and other debris at the Pond. Thirty-five kayaks were loaned out by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to help with the clean-up, according to Brown. He added that the kids did a great job with the cleanup, as the pond was transformed from a complete disaster to being perfectly clear.

The Park is usually cleaned up twice a year and this is an activity Madzimbamuto said is well within the teachings of 4-H, in which service to the community and citizenship are important.

The Bayhead Ponds Park is a storm water project for the city of Largo that provides retention and treatment of storm water for 163 acres in the area of West Bay Drive. The first part of the drainage project was approved by the Largo City Commission in August and, this month, new plantings were approved. The project is expected to be completed by the end of December.