Spend the Evening on the Avenues

December 20, 2011 by  

Evening on the Avenues takes place the first and third Friday of each month. Downtown is transformed each time into a cultural center that has something for everyone to enjoy. It takes place from 6-10 pm at Lake and Lucerne Avenues.

Evening on the Avenues features live musical performances at the Cultural Plaza, food from all over the world, clothing, dance performances, arts and crafts displays and even pet adoptions. The area is home to many antique stores and art galleries who open their doors to the general public. Local Lake Worth printing companies are most likely called upon to help provide decoration for the event such as banners, flyers and posters.

The downtown area of many cities is dying due to lack of interested. Often people are more interested in shopping in the big box discount stores rather than in the small businesses found downtown. However, those small businesses have a lot to offer and provide most of the economic benefits felt by a city such as job creation. Evening on the Avenues draws attention to the local downtown stores and as a result, draws more people who will spend their money. There are also likely to come back to that store again and again.

Those who take part in this bi-weekly event get to see on a regular basis what is going on in the arts community and has the chance to take part in it. It is free, it is family-friendly and it boosts the local economy. What have you got to lose by visiting?