Send the kids to Holiday Camp in Kissimee

December 7, 2011 by  

Since 2006, Oak Park Community Center in Kissimee has held Holiday Camp during the winter school break. This year it will be held from December 19-22 and December 27-30 and will cost $25 per day or $80 per week.

When both parents have to work it is often difficult to decide what to do when the kids are on vacation; do you take a vacation at the same time or do you find a babysitter? Parents in Kissimee can breathe a sigh of relief because the Kissimee Holiday Camp will provide supervised care for your children between five and fourteen from 7 am-6 pm 4-days a week. Parents must provide the child with a packed lunch but afternoon snacks will be provided.

The Holiday Camp provides lots of activities and several field trips for the children. In past years field trips have included the zoo or to Cypress Gardens. Most likely the activities at the Oak Park Community Center will be holiday related with children possibly making a card for a friend or relative, maybe creating a colorful poster, printing their names on a personalized Christmas ornament or drawing a picture of their favorite Kissimee location or their recollection of holidays gone past.

In addition to providing parents with a worry –free school break, the Holiday Camp allows children to interact with their peers and to possibly make some new friends. It will also give them a chance to visit local facilities that they might not have visited before.