Kissimmee Employee of the Year chosen

January 15, 2012 by  

The 2011 City of Kissimmee Employee of the Year has been chosen; he is Fire Battalion Chief Eric Cruz. He was chosen from the 12 Employee of the Month winners for 2011.

Cruz was chosen because he is:

“committed to making the City of Kissimee a better and safer place for all its citizen.”

He was also cited for always having a positive and professional attitude, being an enthusiastic employee and for constantly looking for way to improve his job performance. Cruz receives a plaque, a paid day off and has his portrait displayed at City Hall.

An award such as Employee of the Year is one that can encourage employees to do a better job and to have more pride in their position. In tough economic times when raises are often out of the question and where lay-offs are frequent, it is hard to raise the morale of your employees. When giving more money is not possible, recognizing the hard work of your employees becomes more and more important. If your employees stop caring about a company, that company could very well go out of business. Awards don’t have to be as large as awarding a plaque for Employee of the Year; doing something on a smaller scale can have similar results. Kissimmee printing companies can work with an employer to design a certificate of accomplishment suitable for framing, or a poster than can be displayed in a public area of the company. Sometimes just recognition of a job well done is all it take to raise company morale.