Balloons will be flying high in Kissimmee

April 21, 2013 by  

The Blue Skies and Silver Spurs Festival is returning to Kissimmee at the end of May. The celebration is actually three festivals rolled into one – it will feature the Blue Skies balloon festival, the Endless Summer Songwriters Festival, and the Silver Spurs Rodeo.

The balloon festival will feature 20 hot air balloons in which people can ride, and a five-mile adventure race with a rodeo theme. The Endless Summer Songwriters Festival will feature six bands from Nashville who will be performing to the masses. Lastly, this year will be the 131st annual Silver Spurs Rodeo, in which riders compete for cash prizes.

This popular festival draws visitors from all over the state, not just Kissimmee. Organizers for such events often work with local printing companies to market the event to the state. They might invest in a flyer that can be distributed through direct mail or to local tourism offices.

The balloon festival will take place at Formosa Gardens. Admission is free and balloon rides are $185 per person or $700 for four, and fees to compete in the adventure race are $50 per balloon. The Endless Summer Songwriters Festival will take place at both Formosa Gardens and in Osceola Heritage Park and is free to attend, while the Silver Spurs Rodeo will take place at Osceola Heritage Park. Tickets are $15 or free to those aged 10 and under. For more information call 1-800-831-1844.

Altogether, the Blue Skies and Silver Spurs Festival will take place from May 31 to June 2.