A great Floridian celebrated through range of events

November 17, 2012 by  

Patrick Smith is a historian and author who the Florida Historical Society has hailed as the “greatest living Floridian.” Various events related to his writings will be taking place during Patrick Smith Days at Forever Friday.

There will be a two-hour guided coach safari held at various times across this weekend, November 16-18, and tickets are $32 for adults and $28 for children aged 6 – 11. Today, there will be an art expo featuring Florida artists and authors displaying their products for sale. There will also be a barbeque lunch hosted at the Cypress Restaurant, with Charlie Bronson providing keynote speech. Tickets are $15 and proceeds benefit the Allen Broussard Conservancy.

Other events taking place today include a ranch sorting competition and an overnight horseback safari, which costs $199 for those aged twelve and older. The price will include a six-hour ride, three meals, guides, and horses.

These events are chosen to represent the writings of Patrick Smith, especially his book ‘A Land Remembered’. It is a good way to celebrate some of the experiences that are uniquely Floridian. No doubt organizers will be working with Kissimmee printing companies to prepare for this annual event. Some of the vendors planning to take part in the art exposition might also want to arrange for such services as banner printing to draw people to their booths and possibly get some extra sales out of it.

For more information about any of the Patrick Smith Days events, call 407-957-9794.