Jacksonville Residents Working to Protect Historic Sites

November 10, 2011 by  

After another strong meeting turnout, it looks like the residents of Jacksonville are ready to do whatever it takes to preserve their city.

Jacksonville’s Historical Society is getting ready to tackle its largest task yet: drafting a historic commission. If accepted by the municipal government, the commission would ensure that the older parts of the city would be protected and improved upon. Spearheading this ambitious undertaking is Jerry Klug who was initially encouraged by another local resident in Charlene Chapman.

Despite having moved past the preliminary meeting stages, the research part of the process is only just beginning. Simply reviewing the available material could very well require the use of additional printing services. Although Klug seems to acknowledge the fact that this commission is sure to be a lot of work, he sees it as a necessary part of making progress. “You just have to follow through with the long processes to get any type of legislation done.” He told the Anniston Star.

Originally founded back in 1833, Jacksonville has several historical buildings still standing. Though the details of preserving these legacies have led to disinterest in the past, the possibility of enhancing the city’s town square is a prospect that appears to be resonating with people this time around. It might be difficult to predict what will ultimately become of this latest movement, but there’s no questioning the Historical Society’s motives.

“I want to bring business to Jacksonville,

“I want to make Jacksonville more appealing by (improving) its facades.”

Klug said while once again speaking to the Anniston Star.