Jacksonville hopes to spark innovation

March 15, 2013 by  

One Spark 2013 is coming to Jacksonville for five days in April. It is the opportunity for entrepreneurs and innovators to receive funding for their projects and businesses.

The event allows people to share ideas, talk about projects, and promote exhibits while all the time competing for crowd funding of up to $250,000 or $1m in capital investments.

Over 500 creators will be displaying their work through 65 venues in the city. Those who attend the exhibits vote on who they think deserves funding. The types of subjects looking for funding include exhibits of sculpture, technology, education, visual art, virtual environments, print companies, and food services.

In addition to exhibits, there will be guest speakers, live music, and street performers strolling through the Entertainment District.

This event could be just what a company needs to take itself to the next level of success. It will also no doubt create more jobs within the community, so those looking at exhibiting their creative ideas would be wise to work with Jacksonville printing companies to make their projects and ideas more palatable to the general public who will be voting on them. The ideas, of course, are most important, but getting the attention of the public through eye-catch designs is just as important and necessary.

One Spark 2013 takes place in Jacksonville from April 17-21. The event has its own website and gives the lowdown of the creators involved in the event, as well as advice on how to volunteer.