Trash and recycling programs to be enhanced in Hollywood

October 10, 2012 by  

The city of Hollywood, Florida, recently announced that it will spend $120,000 for more than 2,000 95-gallon recycling and garbage carts in its efforts to improve its programs for recycling and the collection of solid waste. Officials in the city no doubt used flyer printing and poster printing to make all residents aware of these efforts, so they in turn can also increase their efforts in these areas – particularly with regards to recycling materials.

The new programs enable Waste Pro, the recycling and solid waste contractor for the city, to implement a collection schedule that runs from Monday through Saturday, to collect garbage twice a week, recyclables once a week, and commingled materials such as brush and hard junk once a week. This will enable the company to provide additional collection of brush and yard waste and to keep up with the residents’ recent significant increase in recycled items. A rewards program where participants get points based on how much recyclable materials they collect has no doubt aided this increase, as has the implementation of single stream recycling, where all materials to be recycled are place in the same cart.

According to Raelin Storey, a spokeswoman for the city, the rewards program is very popular with residents. In addition, the commingled collection, which allows residents to place four cubic yards of hard junk such as old furniture, household goods, and other items, along with yard waste such as trimmings from trees, encourages residents to maintain their landscapes and the interior of their homes.