Renovation at airport to increase international travel

January 24, 2014 by  

Broward County Aviation Director, Kent George, recently announced that the Southwest Airlines Terminal 1 at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport will be undergoing a $300 million renovation and upgrade beginning in late 2014.

The renovations will include five new gates for international flights, a concession hall that will connect to the concourses already at the terminal and a new security checkpoint. The gates will be designed as swing gates so they can accommodate both domestic and international travel.

These upgrades will enable Southwest, the largest carrier at the airport, to add 25 international flights to South America and the Caribbean to the 70 domestic flights that already operate out of the airport on a daily basis.

The $300 million makeover is being paid for by the county through airline fees. George commented that no state or federal funds or taxpayer dollars will be used towards the construction. Southwest will build and manage the project. Its flights will continue from the terminal during construction. Most likely, poster printing is being used to announce these renovations to both tourists and business travelers so they can plan accordingly.

According to George, this project is a major partnership between the community and Southwest and will provide additional domestic and international air services to the area. Broward Mayor Barbara Sharief commented that this is a great partnership and deal for the county.

The project will add about one million more passengers traveling through the airport which will generate $25 million more in airport landing fees, rental cars concessions and other amenities.