New Walmart Supercenter to open in Hollywood

November 25, 2013 by  

Walmart recently announced that one of its Supercenter stores will be opening on the grounds of the former Hollywood Fashion Mall in Hollywood in the summer of 2015. Most likely the company is using a variety of printing services to let its current and potential customers become aware of this new store.

The store will be located at the corner of State Road 7 and Hollywood Boulevard and be 180,000 square feet in size, with construction beginning next year. It will have a fresh produce section and a pharmacy, in addition to household items and apparel.

It is anticipated that the store will create 300 jobs in the area, and a hiring center will be open the spring of 2015 in order to fill those jobs.

According to a spokesman for Walmart, Bill Wertz, the new store will provide affordable groceries and other merchandise to the surrounding community, which encompasses about 200,000 people within a three-mile radius of the store to be built. It is also expected to add jobs, which can help to revitalize the area, bring economic development, and serve as a catalyst for other businesses to locate here.

A city commissioner for Hollywood, Linda Sherwood, said the area is a very populous one in the city but has limited options for purchasing groceries. In addition, the area has not seen significant development in 10 years, meaning that Walmart is becoming a leader in bringing new retail establishments to the neighborhood.