New ENCORE line of cases for iPad announced by Marware

March 13, 2012 by  

Marware, Inc. of Hollywood, Florida recently announced the ENCORE line of new cases for the latest iPad, which include the C.E.O. Hybrid, the EcoVue, the MicroShell and the MicroShell Folio. Marware will no doubt be using printing services to create brochures with further details on this updated product line so that owners of the new iPad will have more information and be persuaded to purchase these new cases.

The new ENCORE cases enhances the iPad experience for the end-user by providing a total solution that increases functionality by means of an innovative design. The line itself is an upgrade of a previous generation of cases for the iPad designed by Marware and is available online from the Marware web site.

According to Sean Savitt, Director of Sales for Marware, the new cases are best-sellers among iPad 2 users who look to the company for producing cases that meet their demands and demonstrate that the company has made the requested improvements over previous products.

The four new cases have been designed to provide functionality for users on the go by complementing the major features of the new iPad. Stephen Heaven, the Director of Product Development, this functionality includes stylish color options that make for increased personalization and enjoyment. As an example, the retina display is an extremely impressive feature of the new iPad and so the stand function became a top priority in the design of the new cases. Overall, the cases have the protection, performance and style that customers are seeking.

Prices for the cases range from $34.99 for the MicroSheel case to $49.99 for the C.E.O Hybrid case.