Hollywood considers polystyrene ban

September 24, 2017 by  

Hollywood officials recently gave their initial approval to a measure that would ban polystyrene packaging in specific public areas, such as the beach and the city’s parks.

Polystyrene has already been banned in San Francisco, New York City, and Miami Beach, since experts say it takes centuries to decompose. Deerfield Beach, which is about 25 miles from Hollywood, banned city vendors from using the material in June. The city also banned it at city events, saying the measure is necessary to protect the environment and marine life.

Josh Levy, Hollywood’s mayor, said the idea is to get restaurants located on the beach or in the downtown area to quit using polystyrene, although those using it on private property would not be subject to the ban. He added it is not really the city’s intention to prosecute restaurants or beachgoers, but rather to make people more aware of the problems with polystyrene, and encourage them to use biodegradable products instead.

Raiza Perrault, a Hollywood resident, noted that animals can mistake the discarded cups for food, eat it and get sick. It’s also difficult to clean up.

A final vote on the measure should come within a few weeks. When communities consider a measure like this that has wide impact, officials might work with a newsletter printing company on a letter to keep residents updated.